For several years I've been working as a freelance photographer and videomaker. I worked in different industries, fashion company, tourism association, new technologies society and public administration. I've been working with different music bands; also took pictures and done videos in concerts, open air market, fairs and for private clients. All that gave me the chance to earn a good experience.

I found costumers on my own, through words by words or for example public notes or by taking part in competitions. I always complete the assigned work, always trying to find the meeting point between the needs and the customer's schedule.

I have more than sufficient knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, a good knowledge of Final Cut and Premier Pro and an advanced level in After Effects.

I have good experience with CMS, wordpress and joomla; i know programming, base level in Html and C++.

In my life i took several journey around the world. I've been in America, working and studying, three times for more than three months. I've visited many places also out of the European continent, living many experiences with people from different cultures.

I've a bachelor degree in contemporary History at the University of Milano, and a 400hr Master in Photography and Digital Techniques at the Institute of European Design in Venice; i've attended a scientific high school.

Some of my photography works received awards in big events, for example my Diving Venice work for which I got an invitation to the Biennale in Venezia.

I'am native speaker italian, i speak and write english with almost professional level, i don't write french but i understand and i can speak it with a sufficient level.

I've almost always worked doing the creative part, the camera, ligh settings, stage buildings, sounds on my own, but i really think that it is important working with others because we all need each other so nobody will get lost.



MOBILE PHONE: (083) 8040546

EMAIL: io.lorenzo.gaspari@gmail.com