Barbora Bobovcakova Art Show

Barbora Bobovcakova is an artist works primarily with acrylic and oil. Graduated in 2008 in Painting and Fine Arts from the University of Kosice , Slovakia, she first worked as an art and English teacher, and then as a hostess. She is now living in Italy for two years experimenting her art.

The symbolism landscape is recurrent in the works of Barbora, and returns in the cloud, the sky, portions of trees on the lawn fragment, recalling a territorial search of any action including gaze. The elements of nature in her works also merge with mathematical symbols such as circles or broken lines, which create a symbiosis between physics, psychology and.

I worked for her art catalog and for her art show inside the project “Creativity Fair Magazine” sponsored by Bergamo Municipality.



MOBILE PHONE: (083) 8040546