Hide and Seek World Championship

Hide and seek World Championship is the first and only competition of hide and seek. A great race in teams to compete with a lot of fun. In September 2016 is going to take place the VII edition, in the Bergamo, Italy. 64 teams, almost 300 players, is sponsored and organized by CTRL Magazine.

The hide and seek is a game practiced since the dawn of time in every corner of the Earth. Hiding is inherent in the human being and animal. For these reasons in 2014 the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee has expressed its interest in this competition Made in Italy.

CTRL Magazine is 7 years old free press magazine. Now is also a website and event planner group. It's about almost everything is up in Bergamo and its province, not only cultural events and arts show but also many others fun events, like big collaboration for the nightlife events, music and fun events like the hide and seek world championship.

I worked for CTRL Magazine for 2 years, as a photographer, video camera operator and writer. I worked with them suggesting fun ideas to be organized during the events , some of these good success. I also helped during the events organizations as a for the setting of the sound and light systems.



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