Seen from the Camper

“Seen from Camper” is an event organized by the Municipality of Citerna, Umbria, Italy. The experience is organized in the most famous festivals "Citerna Photography", very close to "Cortona on the Move", which is the most famous festival of photography in all of central Italy. “Seen from Camper” wasis a very beautiful experience of a week in which two campers are made available to two different groups of photographers, to make sure that, through their shots, the reality of this wonderful part of Italy will be told.

have participated in the experience as a photographer with the group of comrades of Master of photography and digital arts of Venice IED. I participated not only as a photographer but also as a cameraman,videoeditor and sound and equipment responsible. Photos and all the material produced during this experience was then exposed during the festival, in the wonderful cultural framework that is the city of Citerna.



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